Polite Husky Requests Belly Scratches

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Many dogs love belly rubs, and this Husky knows just how to nicely ask his owner to keep scratching, no matter where they are. 

If you were to ask dogs what their favorite things in life were, they'd probably list belly rubs, food, playing fetch, and you, of course. Dogs are also great at getting what they want, whether it requires begging, a little prodding, or even bringing their toys to you and putting them in your lap until you agree to some playtime.

This Husky has found a different way to ask for belly rubs. Rather than flopping onto his back and hoping that his owner gets the idea, this smart dog literally places his owner's hand where it needs to be. And he's persistent, too - take a look at this cute video!

As adorable as this dog is, there's a right place and a wrong place for belly rubs. As much as your dog may want you to rub his belly during a car ride, remember to keep both you and your dog safe. There will be plenty of time to fuss over your dog when you get to your destination.

Did you know that if your dog likes to have you rub his belly, it's a sign that he trusts you? A dog's stomach is a vulnerable area, and allowing you to get close to him and then to touch him while he's vulnerable and on his back requires that he truly trust you. If you're still getting to know your dog, then be careful when trying to rub his belly. It's important to carefully read his body language and be sure that your dog is comfortable.

Has your dog come up with any unusual ways of getting the things that he wants?

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Polite Husky Requests Belly Scratches