Police Warn Reno Drivers: Slow Down to Save Wild Horses

Posted by Allie Layos
Horse crossing the road
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If you're driving through Reno, be on the lookout for wild horses.

Since the beginning of October, four wild horses were killed by passing vehicles in south Reno, city officials said in an Oct. 17 news release.

The deaths occurred near Veterans Parkway and Rio Wrangler Parkway. Though the speed limit in the area is 45, six mobile message boards were temporarily installed, urging drivers to slow to 35 mph when traveling through the area. Two of the boards warned drivers specifically of "horses in the roadway."

As Councilwoman Naomi Duerr said in the news release:

"We want people to understand the advised speed limit of 35 mph is not considered permanent, but may ultimately be part of the solution to improve public safety, which is our top priority at the City of Reno."

Wild stallion

The message boards will remain in place for about 30 days while city officials decide on the next step. While they are not yet sure what that step will be, it is clear that the problem needs attention.


Since mid-August, the Reno Police Department has received 13 horse/vehicle related calls. Most of those issues were reported near the intersection of Veterans and Rio Wrangler parkways. However, the police department would be trying to get drivers to slow down whether horses were part of the equation or not.

Wild horse foal

As Reno Police Chief Jason Soto said in the news release:

"We cannot stress enough to the public to slow down this time of year, particularly as we approach the Halloween holiday and the time change (on Nov. 5). This can be a dangerous time of year on Reno roads for motorists and pedestrians."

And apparently also for wild horses.

What solution would you suggest to help prevent wild horses from being hit on the roadways? Share your thoughts below. 

All images via RGJ.

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Police Warn Reno Drivers: Slow Down to Save Wild Horses