Police Officer and His Horse Prove That Drive-Thrus Are More of a Suggestion, Really

Posted by Allie Layos
Kasandra Realtor/Twitter

This police officer and his partner were horsing around at a New York Dunkin' Donuts.

It may be called a drive-thru line, but that didn't stop  Officer John Sesselman from riding his horse through the line at a New York Dunkin' Donuts last Wednesday.

Aboard his black draft horse named King Tut, Sesselman caught the attention of Kasandra Carda at the Dunkin' Donuts location in Saratoga Springs. Carda captured the moment and posted the photo to her Twitter account.

According to WCVB-TV, Sesselman ordered a cup of coffee for himself and a glazed Munchkin donut for King Tut. Photos of the hardworking horse can be seen on the police department's Facebook page.

King Tut and his policeman can be seen around town, making the city of Saratoga Springs safe. They even encourage you to stop and say hi!

"King Tut works hard and he doesn't mind if you stop to pet him!"

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