Police 'Low Speed Pursuit' Results in Apprehension of Equine Subjects

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images courtesy of the Charlton Police Department Facebook page

A police low speed pursuit in Charlton, Massachusetts began when two subjects escaped from a property and went wandering in the nearby roads. 

Charlton, Massachusetts police recently engaged in a "low speed pursuit," but the subjects they were pursuing weren't your traditional criminals. In fact, these subjects had eight hooves and two tails between them. They were horses.

The two horses had escaped from a nearby stable and decided to explore their local surroundings.

horses 1horses 2

The police released the following statement on their Facebook page:

This morning, shortly after 6:00 a.m., Officers Birtz and Madelle were engaged a low speed pursuit of two single-horsepowered vehicles on Flint Road. Not the usual pursuit you see on COPS.

These scofflaws lead the Officers on a perilous chase through the countryside, often veering into on-coming lanes of traffic in order to evade capture. However, the diligent Officers of the Charlton Police were relentless in their duty and were finally able to corral these early morning joggers near the Town's Highway Barn.

Stopping these horses was the easy part. Now the Officers were presented with another problem, what to do next.

Animal Control Officer Sellew was called and the owners were contacted to pick up their escaped equestrians. As it was their first offense, and they claim to be just horsing around, they were let off with a warning.

horses 3

horses 4

You have to love the police department's sense of humor regarding the situation! Thankfully after the low speed pursuit, both horses were safely caught and returned home.

Hopefully there will be no more escapes now that the horses have satisfied their desire to explore their surroundings. Good thing it was only their first offense.

All images courtesy of the Charlton Police Department Facebook page.

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