Police K9 Shows Officers How to Do the Perfect Push-Up

Posted by Jason Sarna
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Cue the music and prepare to learn from the best.

Most everybody knows how to do a push-up, but not everybody knows how to do a proper push-up.

When I was in grade school, instead of push-ups, most of the kids did butt-ups. If you don't know what a butt-up is, it's a type of push-up where your butt is sticking up in the air.

The gym teachers didn't like these butt-ups, but no matter how hard they tried to turn the butt-up into a push-up, they couldn't get some of the kids to get their butts down.

If only we had the guidance of Nitro, a Dutch Shepherd with the Gulf Shores Police Department who is showing his fellow officers how to keep those butts down and do the perfect push-up.

Check out the video below:

All jokes aside, the video was actually produced as part of the department's '9PM Routine' -  a social media campaign encouraging local residents to lock up their cars and homes at night.

Although it's important to lock up your cars and homes, it's also important to know how to do the perfect push-up, because there's nothing worse than doing a butt-up as an adult. Nothing.

Thanks for the help, Nitro!

Can your dog do a push-up? Let us know in the comments!

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Police K9 Shows Officers How to Do the Perfect Push-Up