Police in Maine Pick up Dangerously Cute Criminals of the Mini Goat Variety

Posted by Amber King
goat in police car
All images via Wisconsin State Farmer

A police officer in Maine was called to duty when two adorable intruders forced their way into a neighbor's garage.

Officer Daniel Fitzpatrick from the Belfast Police Department was called to the scene of a break-in on the morning of April 30. Two pygmy goats had escaped from their enclosure and decided to take a tour of the town. Their tour eventually lead them to a neighbor's garage where they were found happily munching on cat food.

mini goats in police car

Not knowing what else to do about the furry trespassers, the homeowner called the police. When Officer Fitzpatrick arrived at the scene, he gently coaxed the goats toward him and used a cat leash to lead the pair into his squad car.

But the two intruders weren't immediately taken to the clink. Fitzpatrick drove through nearby neighborhoods in hopes of finding where the goats belonged. The trio cruised through town munching on carrots and celery, and of course, they had to take a selfie.

police officer with mini goats

Eventually, Fitzpatrick was forced to bring the goats back to the station. But they didn't have long to wait. Their owner's daughter saw a Facebook post the police department sent out looking for information about where the goats came from, and she came to pick them up.

She told officers their names were Louis and Mowgli, and Fitzpatrick was only a little disappointed to see them go. He described the miniature runaways as being "good company," and joked that the police force should look into making room for patrol goats in the next budget.

Louis and Mowgli's lives as fugitives were short-lived, but they left quite the impression on Officer Fitzpatrick and the rest of the Belfast Police Department.

All images via Wisconsin State Farmer

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Police in Maine Pick up Dangerously Cute Criminals of the Mini Goat Variety