Watch out Messi, These Police Horses Have Some Serious Soccer Skills

Posted by Paige Cerulli

What do you get when you combine police horses, a crowd, and a soccer ball? One awesome game!

Police horses need to be trained to deal with just about any situation. These horses are taken out into busy cities, need to travel confidently through crowds, and have to be able to cope with loud noises and bright lights.

These horses are carefully trained to tolerate situations that would frighten most horses. But this video shows that police horses are more than just trustworthy mounts - they're actually really good soccer players, too!

This video captures the moment that two police horses and their riders join in on a fun soccer game with the surrounding crowd. The horses get a chance to show off their moves, and they prove themselves to be quite the competitive athletes! Take a look at this great video and watch at how well these horses pass the ball back and forth.

Despite their large size, the horses are very aware of where their hooves are, and manage to kick the ball accurately. This is just one of the traits that the police look for in choosing horses to add to their units.

Horses need to be surefooted enough to navigate curbs, grates, and any other obstacles that they may come across while on patrol. A fall on concrete can bring serious injury to both horse and rider, so these horses must be steady and easy to control.

Think your horse could take these horses in a soccer game? Then it's time to start practicing. Many riders introduce their horses to large exercise balls as part of their desensitization training. You can even purchase large blow-up balls made just for use around horses - they're extra tough so that they don't pop easily.

Learning to touch and tolerate a moving ball can help a horse gain confidence and focus on his rider, even in busy situations like the ones police horses encounter every day.

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Watch out Messi, These Police Horses Have Some Serious Soccer Skills