Officer Jupiter, One of Saratoga's Finest Police Horses, Prepares for Retirement

Posted by Allie Layos
Officer Jupiter

After a long career, Officer Jupiter is finally turning in his badge.

For almost fifteen years equine Officer Jupiter has served the Saratoga, New York, community as part of the Saratoga Police Department, but this St. Patrick's Day will be his final day on patrol.

Jupiter has worked the streets of Saratoga since 2003, three years after the mounted program began. But at 23 years old, it is now time for him to enjoy a well deserved retirement.

Jupiter's closest partner, Officer Glenn Barrett, had nothing but praise for Jupiter in an interview with News 10.

"He started his career with me, he got trained alongside me, and we hit the road together for the first time, and in the beginning, I think he had a lot more confidence in me. He knew and always made me look good. Throughout the years, he treated me very well."

Barrett said that he could tell that the horse was getting close to retirement.

"We kind of knew in the last couple of years that the time was coming," Barrett said. "Kind of loved keeping him and I was hoping he was going to retire with me."

Officer Jupiter on patrol

Throughout the years Jupiter has done everything from greeting citizens on the street to marching in parades, and most importantly, helping with crowd control.

"On Caroline St., if you're up on the horse on top of Caroline, I could see down the street, I can see a problem before it even occurs," Barrett said.

But though Jupiter will be turning in his badge, he will not be saying goodbye to his comrades. He will live out his retirement with another co-worker, Officer Aaron Moore.

"We just wanted to keep him in the police family," Moore said. "I'm going to continue to ride him ... I'm going to keep him in shape, and keep him healthy and strong."

And of course, Moore says Officer Barrett is welcome to come visit his partner and friend any time he wants.

What sort of send off does a police horse like Jupiter deserve? Tell us below!

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Officer Jupiter, One of Saratoga's Finest Police Horses, Prepares for Retirement