Police Dogs in Detroit Will Now Wear Bullet-Resistant Vests in Line of Duty

Posted by Mateja Lane
Images via S3 and Strategic Staffing Solutions via Daily Detroit

These special bullet-resistant vests are expensive. 

That's why when the private company Strategic Staffing Solutions donated five vests to the Detroit Police Department's Canine Unit on Tuesday it was a big deal.

"Every police department in this country faces budgetary constraints," Sgt. Michael Woody said. "When you talk about vests that protect our canines, it's just not in the budget."

The vests cost $1,000 each and will help protect Thor, Ben, Argo, Duke and Gimme, five dogs of the nine-dog canine police team. They will be bullet-resistant, made out of rip-stop nylon, to help protect the dogs as they are sent into situations to sniff out explosives and narcotics. But the dogs will have to take some time getting used to the new vests.

"They weren't exactly happy or thrilled about it," Woody said. "They are going to have to do some training."


Strategic Staffing Solutions is a Detroit-based counseling and desktop support company who have helped the Detroit Police Department in the past. In June, the company pledged to support the police department's equine unit by paying for the veterinary bills, food, and grooming fees.

"Detroit is our corporate home and we're honored to be able to support both animals and the community through this donation," said Strategic Staffing Solutions Chairman Paul Huxley.

"Our canines are beloved and valued within the Detroit Police Department," responded Chief James E. Craig. "We are thrilled that Strategic Staffing Solutions is helping to protect our canines. We are truly humbled and grateful for their continued support and generosity."


Many government-funded agencies rely on private donations to help pay for things like bulletproof vests, which will be greatly appreciated by the canine unit when they're in the line of duty.

Images via S3 and Strategic Staffing Solutions via Daily Detroit

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