Unruly Billy Goat Arrest Caught on Florida Police Body Cam

Posted by Tori Holmes
goat arrested by police

Sometimes police officers are called to deal with party animals, other times they're called to deal with real animals.

In the early hours of May 24, officers in Cape Coral, Florida, were called to deal with a young goat that was found wandering along the road.

Once on the scene, the officer's chest cam recorded the "arrest" of the subject they nicknamed "Chill Bill."

In the video's description, the Cape Coral police department said:

"Some of the subjects we deal with out there are real animals! Here is a great example of some of the odd things we see while on patrol."

After Chill Bill was safely apprehended, the offers handed him over to an agricultural deputy.

While I'm sure this wasn't the oddest thing that these officers have encountered while on duty, it might have been the cutest!

What do you think of this perpetrator? Tell us in the comments below!

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Unruly Billy Goat Arrest Caught on Florida Police Body Cam