Poisoned Hot Dogs Are Making Pets Sick in This Wisconsin Town

Posted by Amber King
poisoned hot dogs

Dogs are getting sick in this western Wisconsin town, but it's not an accident.

Last week, the Lake Hallie Police Department got several calls referring to an unidentified person dropping poisoned hot dogs into the yards of pet owners. The person is allegedly cutting up the uncooked hot dogs, adding an unknown poisonous substance, and then wrapping the contaminated food with dental floss.

poisoned hot dogs

Multiple residents have found the poisonous packages in their yards, and an unknown number of dogs have gotten sick from ingesting them.

As of now, there are no official leads as to who is tossing the tainted treats into backyards or why they're doing it. But a trail camera was able to take a blurry image of the possible suspect.

blurry picture of suspect

Police officers posted on Facebook on Friday saying;

"If you happen to see more of this type of activity, please DO NOT let your animals ingest it and report it immediately."

No dogs have been reported to have died from the poisoned hot dogs, but pet owners are encouraged to be extra vigilant. It's important to routinely inspect your yard for suspicious items, and if you're out walking, don't let your dog eat anything found on the ground.

If you have any information about who is making pets sick in Lake Hallie, contact the local police department.

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All photos via Lake Hallie Police Dept/Facebook

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Poisoned Hot Dogs Are Making Pets Sick in This Wisconsin Town