Pog the Pig Goes for Evening Stroll Around Town Shocking Passerby

Posted by Allie Layos
All images via The Sun

This giant pig named Pog became the talk of the town when she broke loose for a leisurely stroll.

Pog, a pet pig who weighs more than 650 pounds, escaped her home on September 1 and took a walk through a quiet neighborhood in Ipswich, Suffolk.


Of course, seeing a pig wandering the sidewalks, especially a pig that large, was a bit of a shock for local residents, who couldn't stop gawking.

Avon deliverer Sharon Wootten was no exception. The 44-year-old happened to be driving by at 7:15 p.m. when she spotted Pog, and captured her stroll on camera.

In an interview with The Sun, Wootten said that seven-year-old Pog was clearly enjoying her walk, which lasted "a good hour."


"Pog was wandering around, having a good snuffle and a snort," Wootten said. "She seemed very happy."

Though Pog's owner was trying to coax her home by tapping her occasionally with a small stick, Wootten said that Pog, like all pigs, has an independent streak.

"Pigs that size have a mind of their own," she said. "If Pog wanted to go to the left she was going to the left."

A few motorists stopped to offer help. Though there wasn't really anything they could do, Sharon said she thought the owner was glad for the conversation.

"She might have felt like a bit of a plonker just standing at the end of the road with a pig otherwise," she said.


This escape wasn't Pog's only adventure. Two years ago she became a social media sensation when she was caught snoozing in front of the television of a home for sale with the Ipswich-based estate agents Keystone. The one-bedroom property sold the week after it was first advertised for more than the asking price of £100,000.

Maybe Pog should take strolls more often.

All images via The Sun.

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Pog the Pig Goes for Evening Stroll Around Town Shocking Passerby