Play with Your Pet from Anywhere with PlayDate

Posted by Paige Cerulli

PlayDate, a new toy that you can control with your phone, means that you can play with your dog or cat even when you're not home with them!

Do you find yourself feeling guilty that you don't get to spend enough time at home with your dog or cat? Does your pet have extra energy when you get home from work late at night because they've laid around for most of the day? Our pets need plenty of attention and playtime to keep them happy, but it's difficult to play with them when you're traveling or working long hours. But PlayDate could change all of that.

PlayDate is an innovate toy which you can control with your smartphone. You don't even have to be home in order to play with your pet. You can control the ball with your phone, moving it toward your pet to catch their attention.

The ball includes a video camera which streams video to your phone so you can watch your pet and the toy's surroundings as you play. You can even talk with your pet through a microphone in the ball! Take a look at this video to learn more.

This toy can be pricey - its expected to retail at $249. However, according to the indiegogo campaign, the toy is made to be highly durable to withstand your dog or cat playing with it. The outer shell can be replaced, and the toy is loaded with features that you can access through the app.

The app allows you to take video and photos of your pet as he plays, to listen to your pet through the speaker, and even to activate a squeaker sound to get your pet's attention.

It looks like this could be a great toy for pet owners who find themselves frequently away from home. This might help to prevent boredom in pets, and could also be a way for you to connect with your pet while you're away on a trip or on vacation.

Think that you need a PlayDate in your life? The toy was featured on Indiegogo and is now in production. Hopefully this cool toy will be coming to the market soon.

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Play with Your Pet from Anywhere with PlayDate