Pizza Joint Owner Wins Big with Racehorse and Celebrates a Little Too Hard

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Gas Light Pizza via Facebook

When your racehorse wins big, you celebrate, and this pizza joint owner certainly didn't hold back celebrating a recent victory.

When your horse wins big at the track, it's cause to celebrate. Owning racehorses is generally a money-losing game, so to actually win something is a major event. When Blake Pendlebury, owner of Gaslight Pizza in Eagle Heights, Queensland won big, he knew he had to celebrate. But this pizza joint owner still had business obligations. What to do?

Pendlebury owns a share in racehorse Irish Constabulary. The horse won $150,000 at the Gold Coast Magic Millions races, which meant Pendlebury's share was $10,000. So Pendlebury did what any other racehorse owner in their right mind would do - celebrate. And he celebrated big.

A few hours later, and while intoxicated, Pendlebury took to Facebook and posted the following message:

We have to hand it to this pizza joint owner - he was honest with his customers, and his post has gone viral. While closing down your business every time your horse wins big probably isn't a great business move, in Pendlebury's case, things worked out just fine.

Things don't always work out so well when you own a racehorse. Racehorses are expensive, and then you have to cover training, race entries, and veterinary expenses. Plus, there's no guarantee that a racehorse will win, no matter how well-bred or well-trained he is. That's why many people opt to buy shares in racehorses, so that they split some of the risk and aren't on the hook for such significant expenses. All owners get to share in the excitement when the horse wins, but share owning makes racing more accessible for many.

Pendlebury just experienced an awesome success with his racehorse. Hopefully his luck continues and his customers are understanding of the pizza joint's occasional closing.

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Pizza Joint Owner Wins Big with Racehorse and Celebrates a Little Too Hard