Pit Bull Rescued as Parvo Puppy Grows into Cosplay Genius

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All photos via Tootsie Spangles.

Jasper the pittie mix likes to play dress-up with his owner, and our lives are better because of it.

When Seattle comedienne and actress Tootsie Spangles set out to adopt a dog, she expected to bring home a healthy puppy, and one that wouldn't restrict her ability to rent an apartment in a city known for its rising cost of living.

Jasper was abandoned in a building along with his siblings. Tootsie and her partner first met the pit bull mix when he was six months old. After seeing the puppies on PetFinder, they visited the shelter that was housing them in the tri-city area of the Pacific Northwest.

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The PetFinder description already warned potential pooch parents of a long list of health problems with Jasper specifically. He had parvovirus when he was first born, in addition to hip dysplasia and more.

Tootsie knew the additional time, energy, and money new owners put into adoption when they bring home a pet with health conditions. She told Wide Open Pets:

"We thought to ourselves, we'll go meet this group of pups but probably won't adopt Jasper."

Even though he is a mutt, Jasper looks most like a pit bull. He has a particularly stocky build and square head, which makes it easy to note the pittie inside him.

While Tootsie and her partner had no ill feelings toward pit bulls when they adopted Jasper, they wanted to be smart about their decision. Many leases have a breed discrimination clause preventing dog owners from bringing pit bulls on property. And finding affordable housing in the Emerald City is already difficult enough.

But thankfully, Seattle is also known for its love of dogs.

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Of the six puppies Tootsie and her partner met on adoption day, they were repeatedly drawn back to Jasper. All the pups were the same coloring, black with white markings. Uniquely colored collars helped tell them apart.

Tootsie recalls how well Jasper played with the other puppies. She told Wide Open Pets that she repeatedly found herself pointing to the dog with the green collar and saying:

"Oh, this one is super friendly! This one keeps following me around!"

Jasper wore the green collar.

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Tootsie said:

"Jasper chose us. He followed us around, would sit and stare at us, waiting patiently for the other pups to move out of the way so he could get attention. He found all the ways to tell us, 'Hey, I'm your dog. Take me home.'"

Jasper was right. Tootsie says Jasper is their dog and, of course, the best dog. He is such a patient and loving man that he even lets his mom dress him up with her closet full of theatrical costumes.

dog playing dress up

Now that's a dog who knows how to cosplay.

And the story of Jasper and Tootsie is one where everyone lives happily ever after!

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All images via Tootsie Spangles

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Pit Bull Rescued as Parvo Puppy Grows into Cosplay Genius