Pit Bull Kisses Are the Best Thing to Wake Up To

Posted by Amber King
cuddly pit bull

A pit bull named Tank isn't losing sleep over breed stereotyping.

Breed discrimination laws would have you believe that pit bulls are mean and scary dogs. Entire cities like Montreal, Denver, and Miami enforce strict pit bull bans, and countless housing communities refuse to rent to tenants who own dogs with the breed's characteristically big head and stocky stature.

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Dogs are banned based solely on their breed, but pit bulls like Tank have a different story to tell. In this adorable video, a Blue Nose Pit Bull named Tank is getting cuddly with his owner. The sleepy pup doesn't want to wake up from his nap, and with his big head resting comfortably on his owner's face, we don't blame him.

When Tank eventually opens his eyes, there's no sign of an aggressive dog. The first thing he does is lick his owner's face, giving her the kind of morning kisses all dog lovers would be jealous of. He showers her with sweet affection and seems genuinely pleased to have woken up next his best friend.

While some cities are still succumbing to the general misconception that it's better to judge a dog by its breed rather than its behavior, there are groups spreading the opposite kind of influence.

The American Pit Bull Foundation, BADRAP, and Love-A-Bull are only a few of the organizations committed to showing the world what sweet and loving dogs pit bulls really are.

Pit bulls represent the majority of dogs found hopeless and abandoned in shelters. They're euthanized by the hundreds of thousands simply because they're profoundly misunderstood, and there doesn't seem to be an end to their suffering from illegal dog fighting.

Check out the American Pit Bull Foundation to learn about responsible breed ownership and how you can help change the world for dogs like Tank.

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Pit Bull Kisses Are the Best Thing to Wake Up To