Ace the Pit Bull Veers off Daily Walk to Find Stranded Puppy

Posted by TF Oren
Photos courtesy of Second Chance Rescue NYC via The Dodo.

Move over, Sherlock. You've got competition.

In an impressive act of life-saving sleuthing, Ace the pit bull led his human to a precious discovery.

The two were out for their daily walk when Ace veered off course and headed toward an alleyway next to an abandoned home.


The alley held a shocking surprise: a puppy. Injured and lying on his side, the pup was struggling to survive. Ace's owner rushed him to a nearby New Jersey animal shelter.

The puppy, later named Theo, suffered from a severe head injury and brain swelling due to blunt force trauma. Shelter staffers didn't know if he would survive his injuries.


Upon hearing of Theo's predicament, Second Chance Rescue NYC took Theo in. At first, little Theo could barely move, and it seemed as though his vision loss was permanent. However, the 10-week-old puppy refused to quit. Little by little, Theo began to improve. He is even regaining his vision.

Rescue representative Alyssa Ellman says they're thrilled with his progress.

"When we first got him we weren't sure he was going to live, and he had a few scares but now he is currently improving at the vet and we couldn't be happier."


These days, Theo stands up on his own, and can move around a little. Every day brings more progress.

"If it wasn't for Ace the dog, Theo would most likely never have been rescued...We really owe it all to that hero of a dog. Everything happens for a reason and Ace and his owner were walking by that house to unknowingly save a life," says Ellman.


This determined puppy is well on his way to health and happiness. However, the road ahead is a long one. If you'd like to help Theo on his path to recovery, you can contribute to Second Chance Rescue NYC.

All photos courtesy of Second Chance Rescue NYC via The Dodo.

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Ace the Pit Bull Veers off Daily Walk to Find Stranded Puppy