Pit Bull Shows Trust for Foster Mom by Gifting Her Newborn Puppies One by One

Posted by Krissy Howard

Watch as this new mother shows her foster mom the ultimate display of love and trust.

She had only given birth a couple of days ago, and maybe she was feeling a little overwhelmed, but luckily for Grayce, a pitbull-type dog, she had a foster mom who was right there beside her to help take on some of the hard work that comes with round-the-clock puppy care.

Having welcomed Grayce into her home only three weeks prior through Rescue Rovers Adoptions, Stevoni Wells Doyle apparently made the new mama safe and secure in that short amount of time, as evidenced by the way the dog gently carried all 11 of her newborn pups over, resting each one in Doyle's lap!

Craving comfort, Grayce stayed close to Doyle, who was now covered in a pile of days-old puppies.

"She laid on me and wanted me to love her too," Doyle said in an interview with KUTV News, of Salt Lake City.

"She would crawl on my lap and nurse her puppies if I would let her."

Although Doyle has fostered many dogs in her four years volunteering with the organization, she states that many of her pregnant former fosters were typically protective of their puppies, but Grayce is just special.

"She's the first one that has ever brought them over and been like, 'here you go'," she said.


Doyle is glad to know that the heart-warming video, which has been viewed over 18 million times since it was posted last week, will help to shine a light on this misunderstood breed, who, like any dog, are only looking for love, comfort, and a chance.

"I love any breed. They aren't handled right. They have such a bad rap," she said. "How can people say pit bulls are awful dogs if she is doing this and bringing me her puppies after only three weeks of knowing me?"

Grayce will be spayed as soon as she's physically healed, and her pups will be available for adoption in 6-8 weeks, where they will hopefully find their forever homes.

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Pit Bull Shows Trust for Foster Mom by Gifting Her Newborn Puppies One by One