Pinot Meow: Company Makes Wine for Cats

Posted by Mateja Lane

This changes the meaning of staying in with your cat

Made with organic catnip, water, and organic red and golden beet juice, the company Apollo Peak has released an all-natural cat wine. Because why drink alone?

The company is based in Denver and has two varietals available: Moscato and Pinot Meow.

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Apollo Peak, named after the founder's cat Apollo, started out making the beverage specifically for cats and by the time they were finished concocting the mix, it looked surprisingly like wine.

"It's made like a tea," Apollo Peak founder Brandon Zavala told The Huffington Post. "But since we got it to look so much like a wine, we want it to be perceived as a wine by the consumer -- that way they can feel as though they are having a glass of wine with their pet."

The cat wine is not made with grapes or alcohol, since both are toxic to cats. But because beet juice is the main ingredient, and beets are good for cats but may turn its urine colors, veterinarians are open to the cat wine.

"They're totally cool with it," Zavala said. "They love it."

Apollo Peak wine can be found at some pet stores in Colorado but you can find them on their website too!

Now grab a Redbox, some wine for both of you, and maybe some beer for your dog, and you and your pets have a perfect night in.

Tell us if you want to drink with your kitty in the comments below!

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Pinot Meow: Company Makes Wine for Cats