Where Pigs Fly: A Safe Haven for Australia's Abused and Neglected Farm Animals

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On a 100-acre spread in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia, sits Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary.

Founded in 2014, Where Pigs Fly provides care and shelter to farm animals in distress. The sanctuary seeks to carry out field rescue work, and to educate the public about how food gets to our tables by drawing attention to the widespread suffering of factory farm animals.

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The organization's mission statement reads:

"Driven by a simple philosophy that all animals should be treated with compassion and respect, our mission is two-fold. At the core is our hands-on work of rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for farm animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect. We are also committed to education. We passionately believe knowledge is the power to change the way our society views and treats factory farm animals."

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From Edna, the neglected pig found abandoned in a tiny pen, to Mick, a formerly prizewinning racehorse rescued from imminent slaughter, the sanctuary's residents number over 100 and include sheep, horses, goats, cows, chickens, and pigs.

The sanctuary provides a number of opportunities for members of the public to get involved. Working Bees are events that allow volunteers to help carry out day-to-day work on the sanctuary, such as cleaning stalls and feeding animals.

Special Projects are open to individuals with certain skills, such as knowing how to build structures and repair fences. Alternatively, those who don't live in the area, or prefer a less hands-on approach to contributing, can sponsor one of the sanctuary's animals with a monthly donation.

Where Pigs Fly is a nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of the public to keep its gates open. You can read more about the sanctuary, and learn how you can contribute to its lifesaving work here.

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