Pigs Escape Texas Barn, But Come Back Quickly with the Help of Doritos

Posted by Mateja Lane

It didn't take long to lure the loose piggies back. 

Cedar Park Animal Control received a call on Wednesday, July 5 that a family of pigs got loose. Supervisor Lacey Clemons and Animal Control Officer Amber Smith decided to get creative with whatever they had in the truck, which happened to be a bag of Cheetos and Doritos.

The mama pig was too big to fit in the truck to get a ride back to the barn, so the officers led her by luring with the chips- classic carrot and stick approach. Her baby piglets followed after in the animal control vehicle. They got some junk food as a treat, too.

This is a good lesson for the next time your pigs are misbehaving or escape. Just use some Doritos or Cheetos to get them back and in line! Apparently processed food is irresistible to the porcines as well. Cheetos and Doritos are part of the Frito Lay snacks conglomerate and their slogan "Good Fun!" makes even more sense in this scenario.

And if you're worried about the piggies eating these kinds of processed foods, don't be. Because pigs can really eat anything...

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