Pictures That Capture the Complex Relationship Cats Have with Christmas Trees

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Jennifer C. via Flickr

Cats have a complex relationship with Christmas trees. These pictures capture it perfectly. 

If you have a cat, and you have a Christmas tree, then you probably understand that when you combine the two, absolutely anything can happen.

The chances of your tree remaining upright are dramatically reduced when you have a cat in the house. And the safety of the ornaments? Yeah, you can probably say goodbye to anything breakable that you've put on the tree.

Cats have a complex relationship with Christmas trees. Need proof? See these hilarious pictures.

Ornaments? No, they're giant cat toys.


The purrfect hiding spot.


What do you mean I'm not supposed to be in here?


Alright, this is adorable

Aaron Tate via Flickr


David Precious via Flickr

Such concentration...

Jukka Zitting via Flickr

Right in the middle of things.

CL Photographs

The perfect sleeping spot.

Simon Davison via Flickr

Uh oh.

Jennifer C. via Flickr

Serious camouflage.

Orangeaurochs via Flickr

Shiny things.

CL Photographs via Flickr

Here's trouble.

Jennifer C. via Flickr

A cat decoration?

Dan Previte via Flickr

Serious mischief.

Collin Jackson via Flickr

So, want to keep your Christmas tree safe from your cat, and vice versa? One of the best ways to do this is to set up your tree in a room what you can close off from your cat. If that's not possible, then invest in a heavy-duty tree stand to help keep the tree upright if your cat decides to climb it. You may also want to secure the upper portion of the tree to a wall or to the ceiling.

When you decorate your tree, place any breakable ornaments toward the top; they'll be more out of sight so your cat will hopefully play with the more durable ornaments at the bottom. Avoid using tinsel at all costs; if a cat ingests it, the tinsel can create a blockage, requiring surgery. Keeping your cat away from the tree, or at least carefully monitoring what you put on the tree, is important to your cat's safety.

Have a great Christmas, and we wish your tree good luck in fending off your cat!

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Pictures That Capture the Complex Relationship Cats Have with Christmas Trees