Photographer Dresses up Homeless Dogs to Increase Chances of Adoption

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Modeling pooches are getting adopted thanks to an Arkansas photographer's innovative idea.

Photographer Tammy Swarek had a crazy cosplay idea, but it proved to be a successful idea. And rescue dogs are finding homes because of it.

Swarek got in touch with her local animal shelter, Union County Animal Protection Society, and the adoption project took off.

rescue dog model

Each pooch poses for a portrait in fitted apparel ranging from classy to ridiculous. Swarek had hoped to be able to tell each pup's story beside their photo and in the process help them find a forever home. She said:

"One of the key things I wanted to showcase with dressing the dogs up is their personality. I really wanted to make them look like people, and I want somebody to see that picture and have some type of a connection with the dog that they wouldn't ordinarily if it was shut in a cage."

Now, Swarek does professional photo shoots for every dog that comes through UPCAPS. Headshots are helping these dogs get a second chance, even one-eyed pooches, senior dogs and canine breeds that face discrimination.

rescue dog model

The outfits usually come from a local second-hand store, but New York fashion designer Joan Kelly has joined the project, too.

Swarek divulged that this work is a sort of therapy for her after dealing with family diseases that had darkened her outlook on life.

rescue dog model

Tanja Jackson, manager at UPCAPS, calls the photo shoot a "rags to riches" story, because the dogs are "superstars in these pictures."

To check out more of Swarek's pooch modeling shoots and learn each pup's story, visit her Facebook page.

All photos via Tammy Swarek/Facebook.

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Photographer Dresses up Homeless Dogs to Increase Chances of Adoption