Photographer's Kickstarter Project Captures Dogs Eating Peanut Butter

Posted by Stacey Venzel

A photo book of dogs licking peanut butter off their faces? Yes, please!

Cleveland-based photographer Greg Murray says, "I like to make people happy through my photography."

People love dogs, especially when dogs do funny things. What better way to make people happy than with a book of dog photos, all of pups trying to lick peanut butter off their mouths!

Murray is an award-winning artist voted "Cleveland's Best Photographer." That's not surprising, considering many of his photos catch dogs doing what they do best--making us smile!

Greg Murray
Greg Murray

Combining his efforts in pet rescue with a love of photography, Murray seems to be accomplishing this goal of making people happy. His work is gaining notoriety, already featured on Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and in USA Today after only two years in the entrepreneurial "starving artist" business.

Murray and his fiancee also have two rescue dogs of their own, Leo and Kensie. Committed to pet adoption, his site even features a drop-down menu with links to regional shelters.

While he mostly captures the human-dog bond outside in everyday city life, some shoots do take place in the studio. Murray also works with animals in commercial photography and volunteers his time as a photographer for the Cleveland Animal Protective League. Occasionally, he says he has humans pose for his work.

Check out Murray's website for more photos of man's best friend that will make you smile and laugh--you can't help but be happy! You can also follow him on Instagram: @clegreg.

"I gotta get all the peanut butter!" -Layla. Reserve your copy of "For the Love of Peanut Butter" today!

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Greg has an ongoing Kickstarter campaign. Don't forget to check it out to make sure our coffee tables can all be adorned with a photo collage that perfectly captures the adorable, entertaining relationship of dogs and peanut butter.

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Photographer's Kickstarter Project Captures Dogs Eating Peanut Butter