Photographer Starts 'Silver Hearts' Project to Helps Senior Dogs Get Adopted

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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All photos via My Old Dog/Facebook.

Old dogs get second chances thanks to a Los Angeles photographer.

Photographer Lori Fusaro volunteered her time and skills at a Los Angeles shelter in an effort to increase adoptability of the rescuees. But she never expected to find love in an old furry face.

Fusaro adopted a terminal pooch named Shady, whom she renamed Sunny. Sunny was only expected to live for a few months more due to a malignant tumor--the reason for her being turned over to the shelter.

Fusaro thought she was crazy to adopt a terminally-ill senior pet, but she did it hoping to at least give the dog a comfortable end. But Sunny surprised them all and lived happily for three more years.

senior dog

The unexpected love affair with Sunny prompted Fusaro to become an advocate for senior dog adoption through shelter adoption photos dubbed "Silver Hearts."

When word of her old dog photographic work began to spread, Fusaro was approached by writer Laura T. Coffey for the "Today Show."

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Coffey's article went viral, leading to a literary deal. The two teamed up to put together a book about senior dog adoption called "My Old Dog, Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts."

Now, thanks to Silver Hearts, pets of all shapes, sizes, and colors are getting second chances with loving families, no matter their age. Dogs, cats, and even birds have found forever homes thanks to Fusaro's big heart.

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Follow some inspiring photos of geriatric pets on the book's Instagram account, @myolddog, or Facebook page.

All photos via My Old Dog/Facebook.

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Photographer Starts 'Silver Hearts' Project to Helps Senior Dogs Get Adopted