Photographer Puts Squirrels on Horses as If They Are Competing

Posted by Krissy Howard

WATCH NOW: Photographer Poses Squirrels on Toy Horses

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The Internet is swooning over a series of strange but adorable photographs which show squirrels riding tiny toy horses. 

What's better than a bunch of squirrels riding, jumping, and doing stunts on the backs of tiny toy horses? A ton of photographs documenting the entire thing!

Swedish photographer Geert Weggen is the artist behind the images and held the strange little photo shoot in Bispgården, Sweden.

"I tried to give the idea that there is a lot of action going on," the artist said in an interview with Daily Mail.

Just how did he get those squirrels in on the action shots? Food. Lots and lots of food.

"These are wild squirrels and it takes a month to get them used to me and my equipment," he explained.

"Their love for food makes that they overcome their fears and now after years of working with them they are directly looking for hidden or hanging food in the scenes I set up. I hang the food in the air above the horses and some food on it. I screw the horses down and secure their legs with wires."

Despite assumptions by many that his images are photoshopped, or involve the use of stuffed or even dead squirrels, Weggen insists all that the models used in his images are, indeed, alive and well. He assures everyone that any animal can be communicated with as long as you're willing to learn what works for them and exercise patience and understanding.

"All animals can be communicated with like everything in nature. I learn a lot of these wildlings and it feels like a close friendship with some of them," he said.

"There is magic and the impossible can be possible."

To check out more of his work, you can find him on Facebook at Geert Weggen Nature Photography.

What do you think of these squirrels riding toy horses? Tell us in the comments below!

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Images by Geert Weggen via Daily Mail

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Photographer Puts Squirrels on Horses as If They Are Competing