Photographer Captures the Beauty of Cat Eyes Up Close

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Tina's Perspective/Instagram
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A Norwegian nature photographer amazes the Instagram world with zoomed in shots of cat eyes.

Though she only photographs as a hobby, according to her Instagram bio, a woman named Tina has captivated the world with one of her chosen subjects - the feline eye.

In addition to close-up photos of insects, dew, and flowers, the Norwegian photographer posts photos of her cats' eyes up close and personal. And the results are breathtaking.

Tina has three cats: Zelda, Zonic, and Zorro, who have their own Instagram page with impressive photos. Using a Canon macro lens, Tina zooms in on her cats' eyes and captures everything - the color, the shape, and the pattern.

Viewers have commented that the cat eyes look extraterrestrial, as if we're looking into another galaxy or staring into the lens of an alien.

I just have to repost this edit of my cat photo, done by @mr.kalopsia ❤ My original photo has gone viral, and all the repost, likes and comments everywhere, well, it's just overwhelming! Thank you so much, for all the great response ❤ #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #catphotography #amazing #photoshop #excellent_cats #jj_justcats #ptk_cats #animazing #cutepetclub #animal_brilliance #animal #earth #universe #perspective #tinasperspective #zelda #zeldaandzonic

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Different camera angles and macro photography offer unique shots for viewing the marble detailing on each orb. Cat lovers around the world have come together to appreciate the cat eye photos.

From the black pupils to the inner corners, these extreme closeups give us a different perspective on something cat owners may see every day.

Want to see more cat eye photos? Follow Tina on Instagram @tinasperspective.

What do you think of these cat eye photos? Tell us in the comments below!

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Photographer Captures the Beauty of Cat Eyes Up Close