Photo of President Trump Saving Cats from Flood Is Fake...Sad!

Posted by Jason Sarna
trump saves cats

And I thought Donald Trump loved cats!

A photo of President Donald Trump has been circulating around the Internet where he's saving two cats from Hurricane Harvey floodwaters, carrying them to dry land. But, as with most of the media these days, it's fake news.

According to Snopes, the original photograph is completely unrelated to Hurricane Harvey and was taken by Des Moines Register photographer Harry Baumert in June 2008 and shows Brandon Smith rescuing his own two cats from flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

cat rescue
The De Moines Register

After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, someone thought it would be fun to photoshop President Trump's head, complete with his Make America Great Again hat, over Smith's head.

A Facebook Page called "All about President Trump" began sharing the image with the caption "Things the media forgets!" on social media.

People seem to love to photoshop President Trump's head onto all sorts of people. Here are some more photoshops of President Trump coming to the rescue:

Not everyone thinks so highly of the President as you can see from these photoshops:

Since this is an animal website, here are some animal-related Trump photoshops:

And finally, some random photoshops that are fun for the whole family:

Although it is sad to say that the photo of President Trump saving two cats from the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey is fake, we hope some of these presidential photoshops made you happy!

Do you have a favorite photoshop of President Trump? If so, post it in the comments section below!


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Photo of President Trump Saving Cats from Flood Is Fake...Sad!