Photo of Hurricane Harvey Rescue Sparks Animals Versus Humans Debate

Posted by Jason Sarna
dogs in boat
Photo via Facebook / Fox 26 Houston

Men rescue 21 dogs in boat because no one gets left behind.

A photo posted on the Love What Matters Facebook page by a woman named Betty Walter is getting a lot of attention.

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The photo shows a group of men who filled a boat with 21 abandoned dogs and walked it through the flooded Texas streets to safety.

"To these amazing guys that helped me and some of my neighbors dogs that I rescued. I was worried there were too many...

Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, August 28, 2017

Many Facebook users are loving this Facebook post.

While other Facebook users do not believe people should be judging others for abandoning their pets.

Luckily for these 21 dogs, there are plenty of people out there who put animals on the same level as humans.

Hurricane Harvey is now being classified as one of the worst rainstorms in American history. Almost 52 inches of rain has dropped on Houston. Everyone is trying the best they can. If you would like to help those animals affected by Hurricane Harvey, click here for more information.

Do you think animals and humans are equal? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Photo of Hurricane Harvey Rescue Sparks Animals Versus Humans Debate