Philadelphia Vet Clinic Donates Life-Saving Pet Oxygen Masks to Fire Department

Posted by Tori Holmes

After a fire took the life of a service dog this past February, a Philadelphia vet office is donating pet oxygen masks to the local Fire Department.

This past February, Buddy, the service dog of a combat veteran, was rescued from a deadly house fire with severe burns and smoke inhalation. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries two days later.

In the wake of his death, members of the Florence Township in Burling County, just outside of Philadelphia, have started an initiative to save the lives of other pets.

The staff at NorthStar VETS has begun to donate oxygen masks specifically designed for pets to the Florence Township Fire Department.

Since these masks properly fit over the snout of a dog or cat, they have a better seal and allow fire fighters to give the animals more oxygen much easier. This will increase a pet's chance of survival after being rescued from a fire.

Over the upcoming month, NorthStar VETS say they plan on donating four more oxygen mask kits to the fire department.

Thank you NorthStar VETS and keep up the great work in your community!

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