Pfeiffer University Now Has Pet-Friendly Dorms

Posted by Tori Holmes
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Pfeiffer University has officially introduced pet-friendly dorms, making it just one of a handful of universities in the country to do so.

Thanks to a new policy, students living in Plyler Hall may keep a cat or dog in their dorm room, as long as it meets the outlined breed and weight requirements and completed a registration process.

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Currently, there are four dogs that will be moving into the hall this fall semester -- one of which is Carter, a Pointer-Dalmatian mix who was rescued as a puppy by a Pfeiffer student, fostered by a Pfeiffer professor, and eventually adopted by a Pfeiffer athlete.

The idea of allowing pets in the dorm came to Regina Simmons, Pfeiffer's Director of Residence Life, after she saw how much more engaged students became when she brought in her own dog, Quincy.

When Simmons brought up the idea with Pfeiffer University President Colleen Keith, she also thought it was a brilliant idea. Keith's Bulldog, Daisy, is a registered therapy dog and working with her has helped her see firsthand the benefits that animals can bring to people.

This year's program will start with fairly small numbers, but everyone involved in the program believes that it's only a matter of time before it takes off. Simmons and her team want to make it have the biggest impact on the Pfeiffer community as possible. In an effort to promote the positives of pet ownership, students in the dorm are required to select someone to help watch over their pet when they're not around as well as check in with the RA about the animal's care.

They also hope to host events like doggie meet-and-greets and ensure that dogs can travel with their owners anywhere on campus. By doing so, it won't just be the students in Plyler Hall that benefit.

We hope that all of the students living in Pyler Hall this fall enjoy getting to know their four-legged neighbors!

What do you think of pets on campus? Let us know in the comments!

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Pfeiffer University Now Has Pet-Friendly Dorms