PetSmart Broke Records at Their Annual Adoption Event

Posted by Amber King
Lawrence E. Jenkins via Dallas Morning News

PetSmart stores across the country are celebrating after a record-breaking week.

With participation from over 1,470 PetSmart stores from all over North America, a grand total of 25,522 pets found forever families during the PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend.

That number shattered every previous record since the national events were first initiated over two decades ago. The recent accomplishment also represents a 23% increase from the number of pets adopted during last year's September event.

petsmart adoption
PetSmart Charities

While  officially titled an "adoption weekend," the event actually took place all week with the majority of pets (23,000) finding forever homes between Friday and Sunday. PetSmart stores participated by setting up tents in their parking lots. And they worked with local shelters to help connect homeless animals with new families.

According to Eran Cohen, chief customer experience officer of PetSmart, every national adoption event that the charity puts on is a highly coordinated and anticipated occurrence. PetSmart Charities, PetSmart Charities of Canada, and over 3,000 animal welfare organizations collaborate to bring adoptable pets to the stores where crowds gather to find their new furry family members.

Last week's record-breaking achievement comes shortly after PetSmart celebrated its seven millionth pet adoption. Daisy the Fox Terrier-Foxhound mix puppy was lucky number seven million. She went home with the Mackenzie family of Staten Island last week.

petsmart adoption
PetSmart Charities

Every 30 seconds that a PetSmart store is open, a homeless animal is united with a forever family. That's about 1,400 pets' lives saved every day. With seven million total adoptions and over 25,000 in the span of one week, PetSmart doesn't plan on slowing down.

Their adoption weekends are regular events, and they're looking forward to saving more lives.

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