Pets Trapped in Debris Rescued After Ecuador's Earthquake

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Ministerio Interior de Ecuador via Twitter

Not only are humans getting rescued, but animals are also being saved from the rubble in Ecuador.

On April 18, 2016, two days after Ecuador's catastrophic earthquake, a small poodle-breed dog was pulled from debris by a rescue team. Three days later, a litter of puppies were found buried in the rubble. Even a pet Amazon parrot was saved by rescue teams.

The animal search is a collaborative effort between Ecuador's National Police and the Centro Regional de Adiestramiento Canino (CRAC)--the Regional Center for Canine Training. The Pet Relocation Plan, as the project has been dubbed, has three tenets regarding vicitmized post-quake pet care:

  1. Feed and attend to pets
  2. Collect and transfer pets to shelters
  3. Search for families to adopt the pets

Watch the happy rescue of the poodle below:

Smiles are being put on human faces in other ways, too. CRAC crews are disbanding to areas hit hard by the disaster, offering comic relief to broken hearts with dog tricks, such as hoop jumping.

In addition to being rescued in the wake of Ecuador's deadly quake, canines are also members of search and rescue parties, saving human lives with their heroic efforts. Trained CRAC dogs as well as K9 units of fire departments and international relief teams are involved in disaster relief. Many are also trained to catch drug trafficking.

The animal rescues are being shared daily via regional Twitter accounts using the hashtags #CRAC, #SismoEcuador and #TodosPorEcuador.

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Pets Trapped in Debris Rescued After Ecuador's Earthquake