Pets Meeting Babies for the First Time

Posted by Paige Cerulli

There's something so innocent and adorable about these sweet moments of pets meeting babies for the very first time. 

Pets meeting babies is an important introduction that can set the tone for a pet's acceptance of and relationship with a baby. Sometimes pets are rushed into introductions too early, and a fearful pet can create a dangerous situation.

But when introductions are done well, pets can learn to welcome this new household member, and can go on to have great relationships with the children.

This video features a number of pets meeting babies in their homes. The cats and dogs in this video all seem to accept the situation pretty well, and a few even try to groom and lick the babies. It's nice to see that the babies stay relaxed, and that the parents stay close and focused during these introductions.

Take a look.

While these introductions all seem to go smoothly, there are some important safety issues that you shouldn't overlook when introducing a pet to a baby.

It is important for you to hold the baby during the introduction so that you can quickly move it out of the pet's range. A second family member should tend to the pet during the introduction, and dogs should always be leashed and calm before you bring the baby in. It's also important not to let your pet lick your baby, since their immune system is not as strong.

When you introduce your pet to your baby, choose a quiet time when the pet is relaxed. Make sure that you never leave your baby alone in your pet's presence, since pets can injure babies even if they don't mean to. Using pet gates in your home is a good way to separate pets from babies.

With time and training, your pet can learn how to behave around your baby. If you have questions or trouble with the introductions, make sure to consult your vet or a trainer for help.

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Pets Meeting Babies for the First Time