Pets Can Suffer from Seasonal Allergies Just Like You!

Posted by Krissy Howard
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The change in seasons can make allergies nearly insufferable for people, but did you know that those same allergens can affect pets, too? 

A recent CBS Pittsburgh report informs pet owners that, like certain foods, specific allergens in the air can induce symptoms and an allergic response in their four-legged friends.

"The same pollens, the same ryegrass, the same pine you know that our immune systems might overreact to, and we want to try to calm down that immune system so that it recognizes it as a normal thing," said Animal General Hospital veterinarian Dr. Mike Hutchinson, in an interview with CBS Pittsburgh.

Dr. Hutchinson added this about dog allergies:

"It goes to their skin, so they start itching. The skin inside their ears, they get ear infections. They start licking their paws, chewing all night, and driving us nuts, but you can imagine how they feel." 

The most common treatment for pet allergies is the steroid treatment Cortisone, but that can come with several unwanted side effects, such as increased urination, anxiety, diarrhea, or vomiting in severe cases.

Fortunately, there are some non-steroid options out there for anyone seeking immediate relief for their pets, which include Apicool and Cytopoint, the latter of which is an allergy shot administered as an injection once a month.

For anyone looking to avoid injecting their pet, there is a also a treatment option available where a liquid is sprayed into the cheek pouch of animals.

If you think your pet may be suffering from seasonal allergies, be sure to consult with your vet or veterinary dermatologist before making any moves and to figure out the best treatment option. They can also help with allergy testing to monitor pet health. Allergy symptoms to look for include sneezing or asthma, hot spots that lead to hair loss or open sores from itchy skin, or other skin problems like skin infections which could lead to pain.

Does your pet suffer from seasonal allergies? If so, which treatment option do you use and why? Tell us about your pet's allergic reactions and environmental allergies in the comments below. 

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Pets Can Suffer from Seasonal Allergies Just Like You!