These Pets Love Napping by the Fire, But They Love Dinner Even More

Posted by Allie Layos
Dogs and cats sleeping by fire

These pets love dozing by the fire, but they love food even more. 

Few things are better on a cold winter night than curling up by the fire, and these cats and dogs know that all too well. But the announcement that dinner is ready changes everything.

It's an adorable and picturesque scene -- four kittens and two dogs dozing on chairs and pillows beside a crackling fire. It's silent. Peaceful. No one is moving or talking. But all it takes is one word from mom -- "Dinner!" -- to launch the sleepy crew to its feet.

Perhaps surprisingly, the kittens have a bigger reaction, mewing in excitement as they leap from the pillow and stalk in the direction of their chow. The dogs sit up and turn their heads in interest but remain silent. They don't bother to leave the fireside, though one does trade in his chair for the comfy pillow spot the kittens gave up.

This "pawsitively" adorable video serves as more proof that animals are smarter than most people think, and have just as big an appetite as their human friends!

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