Peter the Cat Struggles to Understand This Optical Illusion

Posted by Tori Holmes
cat and optical illusion

We all know how mind boggling optical illusions can be.

YouTuber Ryan Kotzin has a popular channel where he shares his hobby of rescuing squirrels, but his cat, Peter, also makes an appearance.

As it turns out, Peter has his own hobby: optical illusions.

In this video, you can see poor Peter struggling to understand the famous "Rotating Snakes" illusion. When looked at head-on, these circular figures appear to be slithering in circles much like a coiled snake.

You can also feel Peter's frustration as he traps yet another "snake" under his paw, only to realize that he has caught nothing but a pawful of paper, yet again.

By the end, it appears that Peter has given up on capturing the "snake" and is happy to just destroy the paper itself.

Have you ever shown your pet an optical illusion? How did they respond? Let us know in the comments!

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