Petcube's Valentine's Day Survey Reveals People Like Their Pets More Than Their Partners

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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A Valentine's Day survey proves what we've long suspected: You can't hold a candle to the love people have for their pets.

When you're shopping for a Valentine's Day gift for your significant other, do you find yourself looking for a gift for your pet, too? According to the first annual Petcube Pet Love Valentine's Day Survey, 84% of pet owners show their pets more love than they do their human partners.

And that's just the beginning. It turns out that pets play a significant role in their owners' relationships. For instance:

  • 76% of people find a romantic partner more attractive if they're pet friendly
  • 9% have broken up with a partner over a pet
  • 25% of people have taken their pet on a date


Pet owners show their pets affection in all sorts of different ways, but the three most common methods were petting their animals, playing with them, and giving them treats. And 70% of pet owners surveyed even let their pets sleep in their bed with them.

And when it comes to Valentine's Day, well, pets don't miss out. The National Retail Foundation reports that in 2016, Americans spent $19.7 billion on Valentine's Day items like cards and gifts. But $681 million of that went to pets. Sounds like these were some lucky, spoiled pets!

The Valentine's Day survey includes data gathered from 3,771 respondents, and you can view all of the results here.

Do you have special plans for your pet on Valentine's Day? There are many great gifts you can buy your pet, but don't forget the value of just spending some quality time together, too. Valentine's Day is the perfect day to show your pet how much you love them.

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Do you love your pet more than your partner? Tell us in the comments below!

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Petcube's Valentine's Day Survey Reveals People Like Their Pets More Than Their Partners