Petco's 'Bootique' Line of Dog Halloween Products Is Spooktacular!

Posted by Mateja Lane
Bootique Petco Halloween collection

Petco is ready to help your dog have the best Halloween ever.

From Halloween costumes to toys to collars, the Bootique collection by Petco is the perfect destination if you want Fido to celebrate Halloween with you.

And why shouldn't they? Just make sure you don't dress up as anything too freaky! Halloween can be scary sometimes.

Check out these costumes, toys, and accessories for your dog this Halloween, courtesy of our friends at Petco.

1. Bootique Superhero Illusion Dog Costume

Dog Super Hero Costume XS-M $19.99 L-XXL $24.99

Your pooch is the real hero in your life. This two-piece costume comes with a six-pack front that goes around the neck with a velcro strap and a metallic blue cape with a paw print.

Fido will be the life of the party, saving the day for $17.49.

2. Bootique Happy Spider Plush and Rope Dog Toy

Dog Stripe Spider Toy $12.99

Halloween will be a little cuter with this happy little spider in the house!

Get ready for a spooky game of tug-of-war and get this Halloween toy for $6.99.

3. Bootique Happy Spider Plush Dog Toy

Dog Stripe Spider Toy $9.99

Maybe rope is too hard on your dog's mouth and they would rather a plush version of the happy spider.

Get this Halloween toy for $10.49.

4. Bootique Long-Legged Spider Rope Dog Toy

Dog Spider Rope Toy $9.99

This is a great rope toy, perfect for Halloween festivities since it is a spooky spider.

Get this great toy for the chewer in your life for $6.99.

5. Bootique Reflective Skull Dog Collar

Dog Skull Collar S $10.99 M $13.99 L $15.99

Go all out this Halloween with this skull and bones dog collar. Tell everyone at the dog park how much you and your pooch love All Hallows Eve!

Get this collar today for $11.19.

6. Bootique Spider Dog Costume

Dog Spider Costume XS-M $19.99 L $24.99

Ahhh! There's a giant spider in the house! Oh nevermind, it's Duke.

Get your own pooch this spooktacular costume for $13.99 and make sure he doesn't chew off one of his own legs...

7. Bootique Skull Dog Bow Tie

Dog Skull Bow Tie $9.99

Want to dress your dog up for Halloween but you know they won't tolerate a full-on costume? This cute skull-and-bones bow tie will set the tone and your dog won't even notice.

Get this cute little accessory for $6.99.

8. Bootique Smiling Skeleton Rope Dog Toy

Dog Skeleton Rope Toy $9.99

What a cute but practical toy! The rope-wrapped skeleton will be your dog's new favorite buddy, complete with a squeaker to drive you crazy. Rope toys are great too, because they help floss your dog's teeth as they chew.

Get this happy skeleton for $6.99.


9. Bootique Skeleton Ring Dog Toy

Dog Skeleton Ring Toy $7.99

So many Halloween toy choices in the Bootique collection! This little skeleton has a heart and your dog will fall in love. The latex ring around the plush body is a great chew alternative to rope, too.

Get this Halloween toy for $5.99

10. Bootique Skeleton Stick Dog Toy

Dog Skeleton Plush Toy $7.99

And here's a version of the squeaky skeleton toy with no accessories. We won't blame you if you buy this for's so cute!

Get this toy for $5.99

11. Bootique Playful Skeleton Plush Dog Toy

Dog Skeleton Big Feet Toy $7.99

Here's another toy that is so cute maybe it works better as a Halloween decoration rather than a dog toy that will be ripped to shreds.

But maybe your dog cuddles his toys rather than destroys them (like mine). If that's the case, this little skeleton will run you $6.99.

12. Bootique Shark Pet Costume

Dog Shark Costume XS-M $19.99 L-XL $24.99

Well, if this isn't the cutest thing.

Pretend your dog is getting eaten by a shark for $18.69.

13. Bootique Scarecrow Rope Dog Toy

Dog Scarecrow Rope Toy $12.99

This toy is appropriate all season, not just Halloween. Get your pooch ready to play in the falling leaves with this scarecrow ope toy.

This toy costs $9.09. 

14. Bootique Scarecrow Flattie Dog Toy

Dog Scarecrow Plush Toy $7.99

These flat toys are great because there is less stuffing for your dog to pull out of the scarecrow...

Get this cute autumn toy for $5.59

15. Bootique Silly Scarecrow Rope Dog Toy

Dog Scare Crow Toy $7.99

Here's another fun toy to add to your scarecrow pile.

This little guy costs $6.99

16. Bootique Sailor Dog Costume

Dog Sailor Costume XXS-M $19.99 L-XXL $24.99

Watch out for those buff Popeye arms! Your dog will be ready for the high seas in this adorable dog Halloween costume.

It can be yours for $13.99

17. Bootique Reggae Pet Wig

Dog Reggae Wig $9.99

You know that dogs prefer Reggae over other types of music? Seriously, you can read more here.

You can buy this fun hat and wig for $6.99

18. Bootique Bat Star Latex Dog Toy

Dog Red Star Toy $7.99

This is the perfect Halloween toy for your little destructor.

Get it for $5.59

19. Bootique Pumpkin Stick Dog Toy

Dog Pumpkin Toy $5.99

It wouldn't be Halloween without something pumpkin themed!

Get this happy little pumpkin toy with a perfect chew middle for $4.89.

20. Bootique Pumpkin Dog Sweater

Dog Pumpkin Sweater XS-M $14.99 L-XXL $19.99

For your own lil pumpkin head.

Get this sweater for $10.49

21. Bootique Smiling Poop Emoticon Dog Headpiece

Dog Poop Emoticon Hat $19.99

Proves you and your dog have a modern sense of humor.

Get this poop emoticon hat for $6.99.

22. Bootique Witchy Owl Rope Dog Toy

Dog Owl Rope Dog Toy $9.99

For the pooch that doesn't give a hoot.

Get this little owl toy for $6.99

23. Bootique Majestic King Dog Costume

Dog King Costume XS-M $19.99 L-XXXL $24.99

To prove to the cat who the real king of the house is...

Get this cute Halloween costume for $13.99

This is just a taste of the entire Bootique collection at Petco. Explore many more costumes and toys here. And check out our tips on choosing a safe costume for your dog here.

Happy Howl-ween!

Are you celebrating Halloween this year? Are you dressing your dog up? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Petco's 'Bootique' Line of Dog Halloween Products Is Spooktacular!