Petco's 'Bootique' Collection Has Plenty of Cat Halloween Costumes and Toys

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Your cat won't admit it, but they want to celebrate Halloween too. 

It may be more for your enjoyment than theirs, but cats can celebrate Halloween too. Your cat may secretly love the attention they get when you put them in a costume and the entire party gathers 'round to coo and cuddle.

That is my cat's dream, at least. If she could have all the attention from everyone at all times, she would be a the happiest cat. And if that means she needs to wear a costume for more pets, bring it on.

But if your cat would rather sneak away with new Halloween-themed toys and lots of catnip, Petco's Bootique line has stuff for them too.

Cat lovers can shop this great collection from Petco for some costume ideas to ensure your cat has the best Halloween.

1. Bootique Goldfish Cat Costume

Cat Goldfish Costume $14.99

The irony won't be lost on Sassy. You'll probably get evil glares all night but it may be worth it.

Get this fun goldfish costume for $10.49

2. Bootique Ghost Cat Toy

Cat Ghost Toy $4.99

Does your cat see ghosts anyways? At least this one won't be invisible.

Get this fun plush toy for $3.49

3. Bootique Devil and Dracula Mice

Cat Dracula Mouse Toy $4.99

One mouse is a devil (your cat knew it!) and one's Dracula.

Get these little Halloween toys for $3.49.

4. Bootique Disco Wig Dog Costume

Cat Curly Wig $9.99

This wig may not stay on your cat for long but maybe you can get the perfect Instagram photo in time...

Get this funky wig for $6.99.

5. Bootique Kitty-Up Cat Costume

Cat Cowboy Costume $9.99

This is by far my favorite cat Halloween costume. But it is also the one my cat would probably hate the most. Maybe they should buck up and please me one day out of the year...that day being this Halloween.

Because every cat should be humbled by having a mouse ride on its back, get this fun cowboy costume for $6.99

6. Bootique Butterfly Pet Costume

Cat Butterfly Costume $19.99

I take it back. This costume may be the most humiliating for your cat.

But if your cat is the prettiest butterfly you can get this cute costume for $13.99.

7. Bootique Bow Tie for Cats

Cat Bowtie Black $4.99

Halloween costume accessories are often the most practical for your cat, rather than trying to force them into a full-blown costume.

Perfect for your dapper tabby, get this handsome bow tie for $3.49. Plus, you can keep this collar around for a holiday costume to wear at Christmas or New Years.

8. Bootique Reflective Spirited Skull Cat Collar

Cat Black Skull Collar $9.99

Your cat can celebrate Halloween and not even realize it with this skull-and-crossbones breakaway collar.

Get this Halloween collar complete with a bell to scare away the ghouls for $6.99.

9. Bootique Bat Cat Toy

Cat Bat Toy $4.99

This fun little bat will get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

This toy costs $3.49

10. Bootique Bat Cat Costume

Cat Bat Costume $9.99

Your cat can probably tolerate these little bat wings. She will probably not wear the ears for long, and you may still get some glares, but it may be worth a quick Halloween family photo.

Get this kitty cat costume for $6.99.

11. Bootique Viking Pet Hat

Cat Viking Hat $9.99

Again, this may not stay on the entirety of the evening, but boy, is it cute.

Transform your cat into the viking they are for $6.99. Did you know that cats were likely domesticated due to the vikings?

12. Bootique Taco Pet Costume

Cat Taco Costume

Because taco cat is taco cat spelled backwards...

Get this taco cat costume for $17.49. It's worth it.

13. Bootique Sphinx Cat Costume

Cat Sphinx Costume $9.99

Because your cat will finally feel like the type of royalty they are.

Get this sphinx cat costume for $6.99.

14. Bootique Lion's Mane Pet Costume

Cat Lion Mane $9.99

Your cat deserves to show his wild side with this lion mane costume. These cats love their lion manes!

Get this little head piece that stays on with velcro straps for $6.99.

15. Bootique Pirate Cat Costume

Cat Pirate Costume $14.99

Your cat is the ruler of the high seas! And wants to dress up like the pirate he is.

Watch your furry friend pillage your house for $10.49

Other good costume ideas include Disney characters, characters from Star Wars, or even Harry Potter! Your kitty cat deserves a little Halloween treat since they can't very well have chocolate.

Check out some other pet Halloween costumes here.

Have you dressed up your cat for Halloween? Show us in the comments below. 

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Petco's 'Bootique' Collection Has Plenty of Cat Halloween Costumes and Toys