PETA Responds to John Lewis Commercial on the Dangers of Dogs Jumping on Trampolines

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Chances are you've seen the awesome John Lewis Christmas commercial by now. But PETA is concerned about the hidden dangers of the commercial. 

Have you seen the newest John Lewis Christmas commercial? If not, you need to check it out right now. The commercial features Buster the Boxer, who gets a little jealous when wild animals start jumping on the family's new trampoline on Christmas Eve.When Buster gets his own chance to try out the trampoline on Christmas morning, it's absolutely adorable. But PETA is concerned.

In a statement to The Sun, PETA stated:

"While trampolines can be great fun, they can also be dangerous. Responsible ­parents would supervise their children if they were on one. So responsible guardians should also supervise their dogs if they're enjoying a bounce."

Truth is, many dogs enjoy jumping on trampolines. This Great Dane can't get enough of his family's trampoline. Even goats enjoy jumping on a trampoline. And Buzz the Boxer doesn't even need a trampoline - he mimics the commercial in his home's living room.

Brindle Cane Corso puppy jumping outdoors on a trampoline

If your dog just has to get some time in on the trampoline, you can help to keep him safe. First, keep kids off the trampoline while your dog is enjoying it - it's easy for a child to land on your dog. Next, consider adding a safety net around the trampoline - this will keep both your dog and your kids safer, preventing them from accidentally falling off the trampoline. Lastly, watch your dog whenever he's on the trampoline. Encourage him to stay to the center of the mat so that he doesn't get a paw caught up in the springs.

PETA wants to keep pets safe, especially when a trampoline is concerned. Don't forget there are also plenty of other fun activities, like hiking and playing in the sprinkler, that your dog can enjoy, too.

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PETA Responds to John Lewis Commercial on the Dangers of Dogs Jumping on Trampolines