Pet Skink Gets a Delicious Birthday Salad Fit for Food Network

Posted by TF Oren

Q: What do you get when you mix beef, bananas, berries, yams, and turnip greens?

A: A birthday feast fit for a skink.

Specifically, a birthday feast fit for Peperonie the pet skink, who's celebrating her special day with a colorful salad that's pretty enough to look right at home on Food Network.

As if a grand spread weren't enough for the guest of honor, there's a serenade to accompany the meal. Peperonie's owner showers her with a special birthday tune to keep her entertained as she eats.

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Watch the birthday girl chow down on this delicious salad:

Life is delicious when you're a lizard and it's your birthday. At least, Peperonie's not complaining.

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Want to learn more about keeping skinks as pets? Click here.

What do you think of Peperonie and her delicious birthday feast? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Pet Skink Gets a Delicious Birthday Salad Fit for Food Network