Pet Sitting Company Puts 4,000 Tennis Balls in a Pool in the Name of Shelter Dogs

Posted by Amber King
dog swimming in pool of tennis balls
Dan's Pet Care

3.9 million shelter dogs every year, 4,00 tennis balls, and one goal.

When Chris's dog, Everything, passed away, he made a promise in her name. Everything had taught him how important it is to spend time with your dogs, so he vowed to send everyone who commented on his picture a tennis ball. His intent was to encourage others to get out and make lasting memories with their furry family members. He received an overwhelming response, and the picture soon went viral.

And then Dan's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting had an idea. Their team of animal advocates wanted to do their part to further Chris's goal and help shelter dogs all at the same time. They started thinking about how a shelter dog feels when they finally get adopted. Would it feel something like swimming in a pool full of tennis balls?

pool full of tennis balls
Dan's Pet Care

They posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they scoured Craigslist, Ebay, and their own garages, but finding 4,000 used tennis balls is harder than it sounds. They were struggling to reach their goal, but unexpected help from a fellow dog lover saved the day.

With 4,000 tennis balls, three GoPros, one DSLR camera, one drone, one swimming pool, and two rescued Golden Retrievers, they were ready. The look on the dogs' faces is proof that swimming in a pool of tennis balls is as exciting as getting adopted.

But unfortunately, over 1.5 million dogs a year never get a chance to experience that feeling. Animal shelters are filled to capacity while people visit pet stores and pay big money to breeders. With not enough resources or money, innocent animals are euthanized simply because there's nowhere for them to go.

But Dan's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting wants you to know that you can help. They created this video to spread awareness about animal adoption and to encourage others to adopt, not shop. Visit your local shelter today to find your new best friend.

Have you rescued a dog? We want to know your story. Tell us in the comments below!

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Pet Sitting Company Puts 4,000 Tennis Balls in a Pool in the Name of Shelter Dogs