Pet Sitter Caught on Camera: Throws 10-Month-Old Puppy To The Floor

Posted by Christy Caplan
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I've written so many stories lately about pet sitters either losing animals or abusing animals and I'm starting to lose complete faith in just about all of humanity. This California pet sitter is caught on camera abusing a puppy.

What's horrible is this is the same service that we wrote about that lost two dogs while a family was on vacation. needs to re-evaluate its screening service right away.

Imagine that you trust your pet sitter to care for your animals. This owner has used this same pet sitter many times before. She was watching on her camera and found her pet sitter throwing her puppy to the ground. How many times has this happened?

This is a ten-month-old puppy and the dog wasn't hurt.

We wrote an article on questions to ask your pet sitter before hiring them and we hope these come in handy.

Pet sitting is a hard job and I can see a sitter losing their patience but it's no different than having a nanny take care of your kids! I've decided that the only way to go from now on is home security. You don't know what's actually happening until you see for yourself and I hope this puppy wasn't thrown to the ground on previous occasions.

This is everyone's worst nightmare. If this happened in a California home it could happen in any of our homes. The motion alert is what prompted the owner to look at the camera feed. The Rover app may no longer be the go-to pet service for folks. There has to be some accountability as the small puppy could have been injured. Sounds like we all need surveillance video on our homes when we leave. The pet sitter I'm assuming was planning to pay for any veterinary expenses.

Rover issued a statement:

6ABC News shared this from

"The activity depicted in this video is shocking and appalling. We have permanently deactivated this sitter from our platform and will continue to investigate. Any incident of this nature is extremely rare on our platform, and we take it very seriously. Additionally, we have offered to pay for any veterinary expenses that may have been incurred as a result of this incident. We have been assisting local law enforcement with their investigation and will continue to offer support."

Have you had any issues with your pet sitter? Please let us know in the comments below. 

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Pet Sitter Caught on Camera: Throws 10-Month-Old Puppy To The Floor