Lost Texas Dogs
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Rover Pet-Sitter Loses Two Golden Retrievers, Help Find Acoria and Ripley


A Rover pet-sitter lost not one but TWO dogs while her client was away on vacation. They believed they were leaving their two dogs in good hands and Rover does have a great reputation. If this happened to me I would literally vomit everywhere and be in therapy for years.

Kens5 News reported that the San Antonio couple found the high-rated pet sitter through the website Rover.com.

"Then Tuesday evening, she calls and told us she lost our dogs."

The pet-sitter told the family that both dogs ran off when spooked during a late-night walk.

The company Rover responded to the incident and in a statement to KENS5 said they were helping in the search efforts.

The family posted on several social media pages, put out hundreds of fliers, check shelters daily, and they've even reached out to pet detectives. Please help this couple get their dogs back home safely! 

Anyone with any information regarding Acoria and Ripley are asked to call the family at 210-608-0867.

I would enlist many pet detectives if this happened to my dogs while I was on vacation. I wouldn't sleep or eat and I'd be a hot mess. Where are these two dogs? How could they just disappear?

Please share this so the couple doesn't have to go into therapy.

This San Antonio couple needs help! Please everyone in Texas spread the word for this couple. This could be all of us and Rover is a service in most cities (Washington, California, Dallas, New York, the Northwest) so folks need to make sure to hire someone they trust. The golden retrievers need someone looking out for them as they must be out there. They were last located in the Camp Bullis area.

Spread the word, please! Please leave us a comment below. 


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