Pet Owner Proves Cats Don't Like Cow's Milk

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Have you ever wondered why your cat won't drink his bowl of milk when legend says he should be head over paws for it?

Sparta and Loki, dubbed the "cats with attitudes" by their owner's TheMeanKitty YouTube Channel, tested the theory that cats go crazy for milk.

Cold milk is placed on the bay window near Sparta, who ignores it. When the owner moves the container next to Loki, the cat dangles his paw and nose over the surface but never takes a lick.

An hour later, the milk has gone warm, but Sparta still passes by the liquid with little more than a sniff. When the owner offers Loki a taste from his finger, the cat takes a lick but seems dissatisfied. Sparta, on the other hand, refused to investigate the liquid dripping from a finger in front of his face.

The chihuahua, however, could care less what liquid is in his bowl.

In the video, the cats' internal monologues are spoken as they explore this liquid white stuff in a bowl. And it's pretty darn funny.

Why does the dog go for the milk but not the cats?

Except for humans, mammals in the wild only drink milk from their own species and only when they are infants. Cow's milk doesn't have the nutritional benefits necessary for a developing feline, and an adult cat no longer relies on milk for nourishment. Like lactose-intolerant humans, many other mammals are allergic to cow's milk.

Most dog owners would also recognize their canine's eating behavior as more opportunistic than a feline's. Cats have a stigma of snobbishly turning up their noses at food, whereas dogs tend to eat anything odorous placed in front of them, even stinky gym socks or milk from a cow.

Even if your cat does go for milk, it's in your feline's best interest not to feed it to him or her due to the likely result of an upset stomach.

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Pet Owner Proves Cats Don't Like Cow's Milk