Pet the Lamb Really Wants to Be a Dog

Posted by Stacey Venzel

There's a whole new meaning to the term "sheepdog."

Pet the lamb and her twin were born in the Scottish Highlands in April 2014. At birth, Pet was unable to walk due to complications with her back legs. Mairi Mackenzie adopted Pet and despite some wobbliness, Pet has learned to use her legs quite well! Shortly after she began walking, Pet also began frolicking with her owner's Border Collies.

The sheep took right to joining the dogs, even snuggling with them in their dog beds. She sure seems to fit in with them as she runs and jumps with them in the snow.

Check out the video below for some woolly cuteness!

This adorable band of friends travel quite the distance, once walking three miles together!

Pet is quickly gaining fame. If you visit the owner's Bed & Breakfast in Scotland, you can see Pet and the dogs romping through the fields. For those of you not planning a trip to the UK anytime soon, you can follow Pet on Facebook here.

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Pet the Lamb Really Wants to Be a Dog