Pet Hospice Brings Comfort to Aging Animals and Their Owners

Posted by Amber King
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Saying goodbye is one of the hardest parts of being a pet owner.

Dogs and cats are treated as part of the family, and as they age, the curse of their short lifespans is impossible to ignore. For many pet owners, pet hospice is the best way to keep four-legged loved ones comfortable during their final days.

Similar to regular hospice care, pet hospice takes the focus off of aggressive medical treatments and prioritizes pain management. Services like Heaven at Home Pet Hospice provide pet owners with the support and services they need to make it through the difficult days of saying goodbye.

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Owner of Heaven at Home Pet Hospice, Dr. Laurie Brush, helps pet owners understand when their pets are in pain and when they're comfortable. Quality of life for the pet and the owner are her top priorities, and she does what she can in terms of pain management to ease the animal's passing.

Dr. Brush told FOX 17:

"It's stress-free for the pet to be in their own home."

Regular vet visits and aggressive treatment plans can often do more harm than good. Pet hospice is designed for pet owners who would rather their dogs and cats live their last few days in peace surrounded by those who love them.

Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice in Florida also offers medical services to terminally ill and geriatric pets in family-centered environments. They provide end-of-life care in the pet's home and support pet owners through their grief. They also offer in-home euthanasia when it's no longer possible to keep the pet comfortable.

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If euthanasia is chosen as the most humane approach, it's performed in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else the dog and family feels most comfortable. Instead of spending their last moments in a sterile room inside a vet clinic, pets pass in the comfort of familiar surroundings. In-home euthanasia is often priced higher than a vet visit, but many pet owners say the added compassion and comfort is well worth the cost.

After years of loyal companionship, pet hospice gives owners the opportunity to give their longtime friends one final gift. It's a humane way to say goodbye that benefits both the pet and owner.

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Pet Hospice Brings Comfort to Aging Animals and Their Owners