'Pet Fooled' Documentary Sheds Light on the Commercial Pet Food Industry

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The documentary "Pet Fooled" examines the pet food industry and what's actually in the food that you're feeding your pets.

When you head to the pet store to buy some food for your dog or cat, you face absolutely countless choices. You'll need to navigate different brands, flavors, formulas, and more when choosing the food that is best for your pet. And if a food is available for sale, then it must be safe and healthy for your pet, right? Not according to the new documentary, "Pet Fooled."

"Pet Fooled" examines the pet food industry, shedding light on some common misconceptions. The documentary, which is available on Netflix, delves into the process of creating pet food and what those ingredient labels actually mean. You'll learn a bit about how to decipher ingredient labels, including what ingredients you should and shouldn't feed your pet.

We should warn you now, there are a few minutes of footage of slaughtered animals that are difficult to stomach. The footage is about two minutes long and occurs in the first third of the movie. They're included to discuss just where the meat in pet food comes from, but the segment is pretty brief. Just be aware.

Check out the trailer below.

This documentary also highlights pet food and pet treat recalls, and how and why they've occurred in the past. There's some eye-opening information about major pet food retailers and how advertising for pet food is effective.

One of the most interesting parts of the documentary examines the language behind pet food. You'll get the inside story on what terms like "formula" and "flavor" really mean.

"Pet Fooled" contains lots of information that any pet owner should be aware of. If you want to make better, more well-informed decisions for your pet's health, you may want to check out this documentary. Chances are you'll discover some information that you weren't previously aware of.

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'Pet Fooled' Documentary Sheds Light on the Commercial Pet Food Industry