A Pet Food Taste Test You Should Never Try

Posted by Allie Layos

This pet food taste test proves that pet food isn't usually up to human standards. 

Most pet owners love their pets and want what's best for them, but even with the recent "natural" pet food trend, most aren't brave enough to test their pet's food, and for good reason. These two gave it a shot with a blind taste test, and the experience was just as terrible as expected.

With bird food that smells like suntan lotion and tastes like cereal, and dog food that is both gritty and goopy, these two Internet hosts gave negative reviews to most of their surprise dishes -- cat, fish, ferret, bird, dog, and turtle food. Fish food got the highest reviews, with bird food coming in a close second.

With one correct guess, Link won the game, but let's be honest: they both ate turtle food so they both lost.

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A Pet Food Taste Test You Should Never Try